Vendor Compliance

You know it's critical to maintain an accurate understanding of vendor compliance to contractual pricing and service levels, but it's not always feasible for you to monitor vendors on a regular basis. Not consistently monitoring them can cost law firms and corporations thousands - even millions - of dollars over the term of their contract.

CMS focuses on this issue for you and provides unparalleled subject matter expertise in all areas of vendor and contract compliance.

Our dedicated team of specialists has the knowledge and ability to accurately evaluate vendor compliance in a matter of days, something that can take months for an organization to do on its own.

What We Do

Our proprietary five-year on-site vendor analysis and contract review uncovered that 70% of vendors are noncompliant. We assist you in understanding when an outsourcing vendor is meeting or exceeding contractual commitments. We also provide quantified benchmarking matrixes comparing your current operating model to like-sized law firms and corporations in the areas of:
  • Personnel
  • Technology
  • Cost
  • Equipment
  • Processes

We then provide recommendations to ensure your operation is best in class.

If our recommendations include engaging a new vendor, we will work with you to select one that can deliver quantifiable results. Additionally, our team can perform annual vendor contract audits to ensure the integrity of your agreement and that you’re receiving optimal pricing and services.

Why conduct a vendor contract compliance review?

  • Validate the current service offerings still meet your organization’s requirements
  • Benchmark your current vendor’s pricing and service levels
  • Maintain the integrity of the outsourcing contract
  • Ensure flexibility in your contract benefits your law firm or corporation, not the vendor