In-house Cost Analysis

We understand that outsourcing your support services is not always a viable or ideal option. Sometimes covering those services in-house is a better solution for your operation. But with many law firms and corporations transitioning from traditional services to more technological ones, fewer personnel are cross-trained to handle a different skill set.

We'll perform an in-house cost-benefit analysis to determine if your workforce has the right KSAs (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) to make in-house support cost effective for your law firm and corporations.

Based on the findings from our analysis, our subject matter experts immerse themselves in your culture to truly understand your current operation model. We then tailor a unique solution to improve on your operations.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

To accurately determine the value of your in-house support services, we’ll assess your:

  • Administrative costs
  • Personnel
  • Work processes
  • Equipment
  • Technology

We’ll analyze your current work process and personnel, and benchmark your operations to our proprietary database of like-sized operations in order to make final recommendations that will define best practices for:

  • Work process improvements and standardization
  • Immediate cost reductions
  • Equipment and technology integration

From there, you will be able to quantify, measure and manage your operations, align your workforce with business objectives and realize cost savings and efficiencies necessary to be a marketplace leader.