RFP Management

Your company is unique and so are your needs. Some vendors deliver the same service to all customers and do not take individual requirements into account. The subject matter experts at CMS bring new ideas and costs savings initiatives to you on a continuous basis.

We custom tailor each step of the RFP process to your organization, offering both qualitative and quantitative pricing and competitive vendor information to help you make the most educated vendor decision possible.

We'll assist you with the final selection of the vendor, contract negotiations and implementation to ensure that you achieve the highest level of service from vendors.

Additionally, we provide:

  • Project management of the entire RFP and ongoing contract management
  • Contract compliance reviews of vendor supplied services

Benefits of Our RFP and Benchmarking Process

Our RFP process and benchmarking findings empower you to:

  • Make an informed vendor decision utilizing our proprietary scoring system
  • Standardize present support service functions
  • Receive the highest service levels for the best price points
  • Leverage industry vendor pricing and service offerings
  • Maximize productivity with an appropriate outsourced vendor
  • Recover over 150 hours of productivity time that you can use to concentrate on your business

Unbiased Decisions

Because we have no financial or personal interest in choosing any specific provider, we can guarantee professional and unbiased review, selection and retention of vendors. Additionally, we provide a statistical framework for vendor selection based on benchmarks and metrics, taking any emotion out of the process.