Office Supplies Analysis and RFP

Office supplies are obviously a necessary expense of any business, but many organizations are unaware of how much of their annual administrative costs are associated with supplies.

Our team of experts will perform an in-depth analysis of your current office supply contracts, terms and conditions, buying behavior patterns and inventory.

We'll determine if your contracts are competitive and if you are fully leveraging your office supply spending to get the best deal. Then we will help you streamline purchasing to increase efficiency and reduce costs – without sacrificing quality.


Our office supplies analysis and RFP will:

  • Encourage shared savings and rebates on all supplies
  • Implement centralized ordering and delivery processes for maximum efficiencies
  • Create an enterprise contract agreement based on leveraging national purchasing

As a result, of you can expect:

  • Completely customized review and RFP processes
  • Benchmarked industry pricing
  • Contract negotiating
  • Continual contract compliance reviews of vendor
  • Standardized processes and inventory control methodology