Output Management Review and RFP

Balanced output management is a pivotal part of being profitable. You lose revenue when your output costs are too high and cost recovery is too low. Additionally, relationships with clients can be negatively effected if output costs are too high and cost recovery is not competitive. 

Our team of subject matter experts will review your current document workflows, including printer fleets, multifunctional printers (MFP), multifunctional devices (MFD), document management systems (DMS) and workflow systems to assess output costs.

Based on the detailed analysis and cost recovery gathered, we will work with your current equipment manufacturer and software provider. Or we will create a custom RFP to acquire a new, more cost-effective provider. 

What We Do

Our multifunctional review and RFP process:

  • Captures document cost recovery
  • Defines DMS workflows
  • Right-sizes MFP/MFD
  • Optimizes fleet management of MFP/MFD
  • Instituting enterprise equipment contracts

The benefits of our print services and reprographics analysis and RFP include:

  • Cost reduction
  • Flexibility of equipment contracts
  • Document workflow efficiencies
  • Benchmark with current industry standards and trends
  • Annual compliance reviews to maintain integrity of the contract