Optimizing Fleet Management for the Largest Producer of Computer Hardware

Current State

Prior to our engagement, the company, whose largest campus environment consisted of 15 buildings with 14,000 employees, was using multiple printing devices, ranging from desktop printers, laser printers, copiers and unconnected multifunction equipment. In turn, the production and printing of marketing materials, training manuals and compliance reports were being delivered late to the field offices and client locations.

The company was in search of a solution that consolidated and streamlined their equipment fleet to meet current technology. Their main concerns with the consolidation were being able to support various user groups with the right equipment configuration that satisfied their print and copy requirements while improving time to market with collateral information.


We approached the account with a valuable solution of eliminating redundancy, inefficiency, unmanaged and unnecessary costs associated with the fleet of equipment, while increasing the quality control of documents, time to market with information and overall reduction in costs.

Creation of Solution

Over the next 12 months we analyzed data to develop a turnkey solution for the campus of 14,000 employees. Collaborating and working with focus groups consisting of clients, work groups and SVP levels in the organization, we were able to identity areas of improvement with document creation and equipment needs. Working side by side with their internal operations team, we identified a savings of $85,000 per month and consolidated 35% of the fleet equipment.


We coordinated the new MFD and web-based digital solution for our client to go live campus wide. After three months with the new configuration launch, we began a national deployment across four additional campus locations.


Over the past 36 months, we have afforded our client $120,000 per month on average. These savings are a result of more accurate documentation, reduction in the equipment fleet and downsizing the allocated real estate in all 24 print centers. The distribution of printing materials and training manuals for external clients now reach the market in less than 48 hours versus a past delivery time of 14 days.

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