Office Supply Management
for Global Law Firm

Current State

When this global law firm with 10 North American office locations engaged CMS, it was using 16 different office supply vendors. Because the client was using so many vendors, products and pricing were inconsistent from location to location. The offices were using multiple ordering methods, ranging from hard copy to online submission.

Delivery of the office supply products varied from two-day delivery or up to a week without any order approval hierarchy process. There were no inventory controls to identify the levels of supplies at each office location.

The client was in search of a solution that consolidated the 16 office supply vendors down to a primary and secondary office supplier to support all office locations. They also needed an ordering approval hierarchy system to control product purchasing and ensured consistent contract pricing. 


CMS performed a benchmarking audit of the client's current vendor situation and created a solution that eliminated the multiple office supply vendors, ordering inefficiencies and contract pricing structure.

Creation of Solution

We normalized the previous 36 months of office supply usage and validated contract terms to our proprietary system. The results of the normalization process were used to conduct an RFP.


The client signed a national agreement with a primary and secondary office vendor that resulted in 47% cost reduction, a signing rebate and $1.7 million savings over the term of the contract.

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