Fleet Management for the Third Largest Oil and Gas Company

Current State

A prominent player in the oil and gas sector, with 3,000 employees in a single location, was using a fleet of networked multifunctional devices for printing, scanning and copying. They realized after the implementation and configuration of the machines that the equipment vendor did not make effective or efficient use of the space. As a result, business units complained of lost time and the machine fleet size was far greater than needed. In addition, the business units had a fleet of fax machines used to send financial reports and confirmations to 85 field offices.

Our client was requiring a solution that right-sized their equipment fleet, increased productivity and reduced the number of fax machines they were using without disrupting their culture amidst all of the changes.


We drastically cut internal costs, reduced multifunction machines and reassigned machine locations by creating a customized digital process that eliminated fax machines and fleet equipment. Together with their leadership team, we put together an RFP to bid for the document services, multifunctional equipment and scanning solution.

Creation of Solution

We analyzed 24 months of data to develop a detailed RFP for our client to use as a template. Working with their internal audit team, we identified savings and streamlined spending habits of business units to develop a customized program that helped our client easily understand all hard and soft costs spent over the past 24 months.


We developed the strategy for the on-site transformation of streamlining the internal office documentation and scanning services for 12 national locations and assisted the directors of those facilities to reduce the amount of real estate required for the equipment locations. Additionally, we transformed and trained current in-house employees to awarded vendor team members due to their experience with the account.


During the first six months of the new facilities management contract, we were able to reduce real estate, which gave more space for the growing business units. Additionally, we reduced monthly fax equipment expenses by 52% and associated equipment costs by 46%.

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